From The Top: Steven Schlossberg, Impact Advisors

Steven Schlossberg, vice president and chief medical officer of Naperville-based Impact Advisors.  |  Submitted
Steven Schlossberg, vice president and chief medical officer of Naperville-based Impact Advisors. | Submitted

Naperville-based Impact Advisors, a privately held health-care technology consulting firm, was looking for an expert in the medical field to guide their clients into the next phase of patient care.

On Jan. 7, the company announced it had found the right fit in Dr. Steven Schlossberg, who has officially joined the organization as its vice president and chief medical officer.

“Dr. Schlossberg is able to relate to clients from a distinctive point of view, marrying together clinical expertise and information technology,” said Andy Smith, president and co-founder of Impact Advisors. “He will help us further improve the quality and value of our capabilities and services, while helping our clients improve their overall results as well.”

Schlossberg, who lives in Norfolk, Va., said he started developing more experience with IT systems in the mid-1990s and that having physicians work as part of the team for companies like Impact Advisor also dates back more than 15 years.

Before accepting the position with Impact Advisors, he served in several executive management roles, including chief medical information officer for the Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Health System, where he participated in the integration of three different IT organizations into one entity.

Schlossberg, 60, said he will work as a consultant to help develop IT systems as well as serve as a sort of mediator for physicians.

“We don’t develop the software, of course, but you need to have a working knowledge of how it works, and I understand the functionality of the software,” he said. “You need a working knowledge in order to help people use it and achieve the benefits.”

Schlossberg said the position with Impact Advisors came about as a result of his working as an independent consultant with the Walnut Creek, Calif.-based John Muir Health, which hired Impact Advisors to work on one of its projects.

“The Muir group and I started working in May of this year, and they decided to go with Impact this October, and the feeling was they wanted a physician to be part of their team in order to make sure the product being developed was being done right,” he said. “There are always operational and governance issues in making sure the product works. Today, this involves not only doctors but nurses and pharmacology people as well.”

Schlossberg said with the advent of more technology becoming part of the health system, pressures have been ramped up demanding better accountability and performance.

“Today there is a decline in the amount of tolerance regarding projects that fail,” he said. “There are bonuses as well as penalties applied, and a lot more financial pressures.”

Dr. Kate Bennett, chief medical information officer for John Muir Health, said she has worked with Schlossberg for more than a year and regards him as “knowledgeable and experienced.”

“Steve understands the physicians’ needs being that he is a doctor himself,” Bennett said. “He can relate well, and understands you can’t see a patient today without a computer, which has replaced the chart and pen. Even though keeping up with the technology adds something else to the physician’s work, I can see things both ways. While doctors do need to learn about new technology, when it works — the system makes things easier.”

Bennett said adding Schlossberg to the Impact Advisors team “has really added to the company’s capabilities.

Schlossberg graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University in New York and did his urology residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Campus, and a fellowship in reconstructive urology at Eastern Virginia Medical School. He has written more than 85 peer-reviewed publications, given more than 100 lectures, and is treasurer for the American Urological Association. In addition to his medical training, he also received an MBA from the College of William and Mary in Virginia.