Park Board discusses golf course revenues

<p>File photo.</p>

File photo.

The Naperville Park Board has agreed that from now on its golf courses will be funded as a part of the regular project budget, rather than as “enterprise projects” as they have in the past.

Following much discussion Thursday night, board members unanimously agreed that lower revenues generated at the two Naperville Park District golf courses no longer make them viable completely on their own.

“We had a workshop a few years back where I said to everyone, let’s just put our cards on the table and we discussed whether we should sell these properties off,” said Park District Executive Director Ray McGury. “The feeling then was ‘absolutely not’ and we’d need a referendum anyway to do that. Now our plan is to move golf into the same category as our other capital projects and be subject to our priority list. It’s a cleaner way to do business.”

McGury said that currently, a consultant is working pro bono for the district regarding some design work at the Springbrook golf course and that preliminary costs about some remodeling at the clubhouse there would be presented at an upcoming February workshop.

Commissioners are also looking to offer a contract next month to Creative Hospitality Associates in Chicago, which has worked with other park districts in the area including Lisle and Fox Valley to get design options for the Riverwalk Eatery, which the Park District hopes to expand.

“We have a terrific space here that is not being fully utilized and we’re looking into possibly having a wine and beer garden,” McGury said.

The matter was first discussed last October, with McGury noting the Park District would have to approach the city abut amending its liquor license to allow for a beer garden.

The district, McGury said, is “always looking for future revenue streams.”

The board is hoping to secure three design ideas of a high, middle, and low end nature for the Riverwalk Eatery.