Letter: Ashamed of Illinois lawmakers

Kudos to Mr. Blaser. His Jan. 16 article (“Hey, United Van, take Springfield with you”) was well-researched and well-stated. Too bad it won’t get much play and seems to fall on deaf ears!

I am age 64 and I am born, raised and educated in this state and I spent my youth in Arlington Heights. I am totally embarrassed by our State of Illinois and its current reputation. When I travel to other states I really don’t want to tell people where I live. I have read of two rather large Lake County employers just in the past year (Kenall Manufacturing of Gurnee and Hanna Cylinders of Libertyville) moving just across the border to Wisconsin to Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie, Wis., respectively, taking hundreds of jobs with them.

When will the voters and taxpayers of this state wake up and vote out the current legislators and support term limits and reforms to our state Constitution? It is time to “blow up” the current regime, system and their supporters and start off with a clean slate.

And while great blame can be shared by many over the past 30 to 40 years, one individual can almost be selected single-handedly in destroying the foundation of this great state…Michael Madigan. At age 71 he is a 49-year career politician with the power of 29 years as Speaker of the House! He also has a daughter who is the Illinois Attorney General. She and her staff investigate many companies and individuals for illegal activities within our state borders but has never lifted a finger to investigate her father’s power and actions.

I am looking forward to being one of those warm weather retirees and reside in any other state but Illinois.

Frank Shaw