Library’s BiblioTek to help innovators build on business ideas

I live, breathe and dream in cakes. I love baking, cake decorating and cake eating. For every party I attend, I go with cake in hand — that’s a personal tip to guarantee you are always invited to parties.

There’s nothing more that I love than tying those apron strings and cranking up the oven.

I also enjoy baking with different ingredients like rum, liqueur and even champagne. Some day I want to open a bakery dedicated to all things sweet and spirited. I would like to call it Cake Makes You Popular. Planning my future bakery’s decorations and display cases full of delectable desserts is my strong suit, but where I fail is in knowing anything about starting up a business.

However, hopeful entrepreneurs like me need not sweat because Naperville Public Library is working on a BiblioTek concept.

The forward-thinking initiative will provide research resources, branding ideas, mentorship as well as space for entrepreneurs, innovators and business people.

Using the library’s staff, resources and equipment, the BiblioTek, which is a work in progress, is slated to be completed in the spring.

Developed after a similar concept at Scottsdale Public Library in Arizona, the BiblioTek will be a dedicated space or hub for like-minded business owners and innovators to bounce business ideas off each other.

Nichols Library will have programs and classes dedicated to the BiblioTek initiative. At 95th Street Library, a Digital Media Lab also will complement the BiblioTek concept. Expected to be implemented in February, the lab will provide space and resources for patrons who want to use programs like Adobe software or equipment like a green screen as well as a 3D scanner and printer.

“Every day in the library you see business people using the computer lab. A lot of it is really a need that is already in the library,” Executive Director Julie Rothenfluh said. “We can help to further economic development in the community.”

Whether you are a budding baker or a financial guru looking to start up a business, the BiblioTek will become the first step in starting up your successful business.

Mary Rakoczy is a multimedia associate for the Naperville Public Library.