Jaslyn Singh: This is your year — take advantage of it

At the start of every year, I write about “change” and “healthy risk taking.” Again, it’s your life you are living. You cannot continue to please others and live for others because it’s just unhealthy. You can care for others and please others just as long as you treat yourself well first. Then there is no issue.

If you have an issue that cycles over and over again. Make a new plan that will work and stop the cycling. It really is 2014 and time is flying by. You still have a chance to make changes that will better you inside and out. Whether you are struggling with your weight or you are an alcoholic or a self injurer, this is your year. Own it!

Many times when we can’t make changes there are a ton of obstacles in the way. Feelings behind each thought get in the way; your thoughts that are behind each feeling hold you back. It is up to you to process those thoughts and feelings and gain some closure. Once you’ve accomplished a little closure that making a “change” can come easily. But you have to put in the work. Processing hurt, and resentments is much needed.

Now don’t forget, you’re not in this alone. Many people all over the world have issues. And many cycle.

It is what it is, but you do have the power to make things happen if you want.

You also can call me so I may direct you to any support you might need in your area. There are many therapists around here. Call one and you’ll see that asking for support could be the best gift ever given to yourself!

Happy 2014!

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