Nine local agencies net CDBG grant funds

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The recipients of this year’s allocation of federal Community Development Block Grant funds for Naperville have been selected.

After calling and concluding the mandated public hearing on the action plan for the available $829,341 to be disbursed in the new program year, the City Council unanimously approved the plan. No one provided testimony at the hearing, and the council members did not discuss the beneficiary recommendations from staff.

The recipients, the purposes for which they will use the grant funds, and the amounts to be awarded include:

Bridge Communities Inc. — building acquisition and roof rehabilitation; $300,000

Little Friends — housing for autistic and developmentally disabled adults; $150,000

Northern Illinois Food Bank — salvage, waste and recycling area improvements at the West Suburban Center; $85,000

Naperville Heritage Society — Martin Mitchell Mansion lift replacement; $64,700

City of Naperville — resident financial assistance for sewer backup prevention devices; $60,000

Community Housing Advocacy and Development — “Safe and Sound” Property Improvement program; $50,600

Naperville Elderly Homes — temperature control for elderly residents; $47,441

City of Naperville — grant administration; $42,000

Ray Graham Association — renovations to Starling Community Integrated Living Arrangement, Naperville; $29,600

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