New revelations about murder suspect

<p>Grant Muren / photo from DuPage County State's Attorney's office</p>

Grant Muren / photo from DuPage County State's Attorney's office

“He has said he cannot handle another person rejecting him.”

A man from St. Charles wrote those now-chilling words last summer about his roommate, Grant V. Muren, who has since been charged with the murder of a Naperville man who went online in search of someone to share his townhouse.

New information obtained by The Sun revealed the St. Charles man went to court to obtain a “stalking-no contact order,” in the hope of protecting himself, his daughter and his girlfriend from Muren.

The man, in his petition, said Muren spoke “frequently about seeking justice on those he deemed cruel.” Muren also “has said he cannot handle another person rejecting him,” the former roommate wrote.

Additionally, and five years earlier, a man from St. Charles who was living with Muren’s mother sought an order of protection against the then-16-year-old Muren, after the teen allegedly threw a ladder onto the man’s car, punched him in the face and threatened to harm his daughter.

The newly-obtained information also stated Muren has reportedly been diagnosed as being bipolar, and having both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Asperger syndrome, sometimes referred to as Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD).

Muren, 21, remained Wednesday night in DuPage County Jail on $2 million bail. He is scheduled to appear Tuesday in DuPage County Circuit Court to answer charges of first-degree murder and concealment of a homicidal death in last week’s strangulation of Charles Clark, 55, of west-central Naperville.

Information obtained through the Kane County Circuit Court system indicated Muren last year moved into part of a house on South Elm Street in St. Charles that has been partitioned into apartments. His roommate in June sought court issuance of the stalking-no contact order, according to the new information.

The roommate, in his June 7 petition, claimed Muren had begun making “threatening and frightening remarks about harming people he doesn’t like or (who) hurt him.”

Muren’s “very unstable” actions included allegedly making sexually-charged comments to the teenage sister of the man’s girlfriend, and wearing nothing but a towel “loosely” about his waist when around the roommate’s daughter.

“This behavior has now turned violent,” the man wrote in the petition.

“Grant (Muren) was drunk and stalking me in my house. (He) tried to then break into a locked door to pursue me, which he accomplished. He has also stabbed holes into my phone.”

The roommate went on about Muren talking “frequently about seeking justice on those he deemed cruel,” and how he has said “he cannot handle another person rejecting him.”

A Kane County judge eventually granted the petition, which remains in effect until July 2015, court records showed.

Muren, after being kicked out of the apartment, was arrested July 10 and charged with violating an order of protection, resisting or obstructing police and illegal consumption of alcohol, after he allegedly returned to Elm Street while drunk. Court records alleged Muren refused to leave the area and then scuffled with two police officers who had been sent there.

A judge the next day found “no probable cause” to charge Muren with violating the roommate’s order of protection and dismissed that count, records stated.

Another judge on Aug. 23 accepted Muren’s plea of guilty to a misdemeanor charge of resisting a police officer. Muren that day was sentenced to two days in jail, ordered not to return to the Elm Street address and placed on a year of conditional discharge, a form of probation, records revealed.

Earlier, Muren had been living for about four years with his mother, Danita J. Muren, and a man on Brownstone Drive, just west of the Fox River in St. Charles.

The man, who apparently owned the home, on June 12, 2008 obtained an emergency order of protection against Muren, who was then a month away from turning 16. The man’s action followed an incident inside the garage of the home.

In his petition for a protective order, the man claimed Muren stormed into the garage and threw a ladder onto his car. He then chased the man inside the home and attempted to tackle him before pushing him into a wall.

When the man tried to call police, Muren punched him in the face and then tried to follow the man’s 15-year-old daughter upstairs, records stated. Before police arrived, the man said Muren told him he “was going to hurt (the man’s) daughter,” records indicated.

The man’s petition also alleged Muren had “frequent, violent outbursts.”

Records showed the protective order applied to both the Brownstone Drive address and the campus of Geneva Community High School, which the man’s daughter was attending at the time. The order expired on June 12, 2010, according to records.

In addition to the two St. Charles cases, Danita Muren on Sept. 19, 2008 filed a “domestic violence” complaint against her son in the Court of San Diego, in the area of California where she now lives. Details of that matter, including whether the case has been resolved or remains open, were not provided on the court’s website.

Online searches have yielded little information about Grant Muren’s childhood or young adulthood. A resume posting claimed he graduated in 2011 from San Dieguito Academy in Encinitas, Calif., and was most recently a freshman at Santa Barbara City College, also in California.

Naperville police on Jan. 24 arrested Muren in the death of Clark, a self-employed computer technician. The alleged killing occurred inside Clark’s townhouse on Vail Court, in the city’s Estes Park neighborhood.

Authorities have said Clark turned to the Internet website Craigslist in search of someone to share his townhouse and its expenses. Muren allegedly responded to that ad.

Prosecutors from the state’s attorney’s office allege the two men spent less than eight hours in Clark’s home before Muren strangled Clark, burned their lease agreement in the kitchen and turned on the stove burners and oven before fleeing.

Police were called Jan. 22 to the townhouse by Clark’s girlfriend, who had discovered his body.

The partially burned lease agreement made Muren the focus of the investigation. Prosecutors said he gave police varying accounts of what had happened before confessing to Clark’s killing.

Muren allegedly told police he and Clark had sex and then got into an argument. The quarrel became physical, and Muren allegedly told police he hit Clark in the head with a table and then “choked him out” during their 20-minute-long struggle.

A DuPage County coroner’s office autopsy concluded strangulation was the primary cause of Clark’s death.

The tip of his right thumb had been bitten off, and at least one fingernail had been torn off during the fight.

Muren, after being arrested, returned to the townhouse with police and allegedly walked and talked them through what happened. He was reportedly able to identify where the struggle took place and where Clark’s body was found.

Danita Muren did not return a telephone message left at her home, which sought comment on the charges against her son.

Members of Clark’s family as of Thursday had not responded to a written note left at his townhouse that requested an interview.

Muren, through the DuPage County sheriff’s office, on Tuesday declined to be interviewed by The Sun.