Two drunk, 100-mph drivers sentenced on same day by same judge

Bryan D. Schmitt and Nicholas Songo found themselves with something in common last year, after both were arrested by Naperville police in separate instances of driving at speeds of 100 mph or more while drunk.

And, as fate would have it, both were found guilty of those charges on the same day. In the same courthouse. By the same judge.

Schmitt, 32, lives on the 2100 block of Countryside Circle, in the Old Farm neighborhood on Naperville’s far south side. He was arrested April 24, after police said he drove his car at a speed of 125 mph during a drunken street race.

Songco, 25, is a Lisle resident who was arrested July 7, after driving at a top speed of 100 mph and crashing his car into two parked cars and a streetlight near the Naperville-Lisle border. Police said he, too, was drunk at the time.

The men made separate appearances Tuesday before DuPage County Circuit Court Judge James J. Konetski, according to court records. Konetski convicted both of charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding over the statutory limit by 40 mph or more, records showed.

Konetski placed Schmitt on a year of court supervision and ordered him to undergo any counseling deemed appropriate by the probation department, records indicated. Schmitt was also ordered to pay $1,400 in fines and fees.

Songco was ordered to spend 60 days in the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program, or SWAP, and perform an additional 100 hours of community service work, according to records. Konetski also placed him on 18 months of court supervision, ordered him to undergo substance abuse counseling and random drug screening and pay $750 in fines and fees, records showed.

A police patrol officer arrested Schmitt about 10:36 p.m. at 87th Street and Plainfield-Naperville Road, near the Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve.

Cmdr. Lou Cammiso last spring said Schmitt was driving a gray, 2010 Nissan 37OZ “at 125 mph, and appeared to be racing” the unidentified driver of a Mustang, who evaded arrest.

“Schmitt did not admit to drag racing, but the officer detected alcohol usage” on his part and charged him with drunken driving, high-speed driving and two other traffic offenses, Cammiso said.

The speed limit near 87th Street and Plainfield-Naperville Road is posted at 45 mph.

Songco was arrested about 2:53 a.m., after he crashed his car at a strip mall at the southwest corner of Chicago Avenue and Naper Boulevard on Naperville’s far east side.

Cammiso last summer said Songco was at the wheel of a tan, 2002 Chevrolet Impala and driving east on Chicago Avenue from Columbia Street, near the campus of North Central College. Songco “was speeding 100 mph” on that stretch of Chicago Avenue, where the limit is posted at 35 mph, Cammiso said.

The Impala ultimately “crashed into a light pole and two parked cars near Chicago and Naper,” Cammiso said. Songco, who was alone at the time, was not seriously hurt, and no other injuries were reported.

An examination of court documents indicated neither Schmitt nor Songco had a prior criminal record in DuPage, Kane and Will counties.