Year has already been a busy one for Naperville

Hello residents and friends of Naperville! We are only two months into the New Year, and already Naperville is receiving praise for its proactive efforts geared toward keeping the community safe.

Late last month, Naperville was named the fourth safest mid-sized city in the country by real estate brokerage firm Movoto. The safety of our city and its residents has been near and dear to my heart since my days on the police force, and I want to praise all our citizens for their work in obtaining this accolade. We have a top-notch Police Department, but our residents’ desire to obey the law and also keep an eye out for suspicious activity goes a long way toward keeping Naperville safe.

I want to thank groups such as Community Radio Watch, who go above and beyond to keep watch over anything out of the ordinary and report it back to the Police Department. Those interested in participating in Community Radio Watch can get involved by visiting

Neighborhood Watch programs also make sure people keep an eye on each others’ homes and report open doors, which could lead to crimes of opportunity. My thanks to each and every one of you for caring for others and the city as a whole.

Caring for others is what we do in Naperville, and we have new technology that I personally feel is making a big difference in this regard. Recently, our new notification system Naper Notify launched a message to provide details about a missing woman with Alzheimer’s disease with the hopes this would help in locating her before frigid nighttime temperatures set in. The woman was safely recovered.

Messages such as these help our community to help one another, and Naper Notify is another tool in our toolbox to spread the word. If you haven’t signed up already, please visit today. Please also remember to check in on your neighbors and friends to make sure they are doing well and have the day-to-day essentials they need.

It’s been a busy time recently for me, as I just wrapped up my 19th State of the City address. I always look forward to this annual tradition hosted by the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. It was even more special this year, as we had the chance to welcome our new Chamber CEO Nicki Anderson, who I know will achieve great things for that organization.

The State of the City address is airing on both NCTV17 and our government access TV channel, WCNC. The text of the speech is available on the city’s website at If you get a chance to watch the address or read the speech, please do. We accomplished much in 2013 — like maintaining our triple-A bond rating — and we have a lot of exciting developments on the horizon in 2014. You are a big part of what makes this city run so well, so thank you for all you do for Naperville.

In my speech, I mentioned Edward Hospital. They are a wonderful community partner with some of the best doctors and nurses around. I have been spending a large amount of time at Edward recently due to my wife Pat’s recent diagnosis of bone cancer. We simply cannot say enough about the care she is receiving at Edward. The staff is dedicated, professional, loving and kind.

I also want to extend a thank you from my family to all those who have expressed their well wishes and prayers for my wife’s well-being. Naperville’s family spirit is sustaining us during these challenging times. Thank you, Naperville, and may you and yours experience good health and happiness in the coming months.