Order NCTV17 documentaries on DVD

For more than 26 years, NCTV17 has delivered local television coverage about the people, places and perspectives that matter to Naperville residents. From holiday parades to high-school athletics to local news stories to documentaries showcasing local history, NCTV17 celebrates the spirit and character of our ever-growing and diverse community.

Part of NCTV17’s mission is to preserve the spirit, character and experience of Naperville through diverse and informative programming that connects residents to each other and the community.

DVDs of NCTV17’s award-winning programs are available to enjoy at the Naperville Public Library. Naper Settlement also has copies of programs in their archives.

Whether through news, sports or documentaries, NCTV17 captures the people, places and stories of the community and preserves it for others to enjoy. NCTV17 also partners with other organizations to document processes such as School District 203’s Future Focus initiative.

NCTV17 is making it easier to purchase a copy of each program by introducing an online DVD order form. Easily purchase your kids’ sports highlights, see yourself on the news, relive a concert, or learn more about Naperville’s history through documentaries such as “Kidz Kaberet”; “Two Brothers, One Beer and the American Dream”; or “We Are Rivals.” Visit NCTV17.com to place your order today.

Jen Hannon is the community engagement director at Naperville Community Television, Channel 17