Naperville Library OKs cash for salary hikes

<p>File photo.</p>

File photo.

The Naperville Library Board of Trustees approved a salary hike of about 3 percent for some employees of the library system.

The board OK’d the hike based on a study conducted by the human resources firm Management Association of Illinois. It compared salaries at similar public service facilities.

Library Executive Director Julie Rothenfluh said the increase would represent about a 3 percent hike and would impact mostly entry level positions.

Salary increases are based on employee performance, she said, and “are a reflection of the salary ranges of comparable positions in organizations similar to our own such as other public libraries and nonprofits.”

Raises would reflect both what the market is paying and the merit of the employee being examined.

“We have a wide range of salaries and pay levels for employees and following the salary freeze we had a few years ago, we need to make sure we are offering a competitive wage, as the Naperville Library tries to stay in about the middle of the pack in terms of wages libraries offer,” Rothenfluh said. “When we start to see a turnover at certain positions, that lets us know we need to take a look at the market and make sure we can attract the people we need here.”

Rothenfluh said that changes based on the revised salary formula would add $388,540 to the budget, effective March 29. The board already anticipated these changes in its budget request made last year.

Rothenfluh said the largest salary increases would come in nonexempt administrative and technical positions.