Man who wielded box cutter during street fight sentenced

A 24-year-old man with a history of violent behavior has been convicted of trying to slash another man with a box cutter’s blade nearly two years ago during a fight in downtown Naperville.

Mohamed A. Sheikh has been arrested at least eight times in seven years on charges that have included battery, domestic battery, fighting and trespassing, according to records on file in DuPage County Circuit Court in Wheaton. He served jail time in two of those cases.

Two of the eight arrests were made after Sheikh had been charged in the Naperville crime, court records showed. Sheikh has court cases pending on charges of battery and resisting police, records indicated.

Sheikh, of Carol Stream, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault/use of a deadly weapon in the Naperville matter, according to records. A companion charge of attempting to obstruct justice was dismissed in exchange for that plea.

Judge Alexander McGimpsey on Tuesday accepted Sheikh’s plea and ordered him to spend an unspecified amount of time in the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program, or SWAP, records showed. McGimpsey also placed Sheikh on a year of conditional discharge, a form of probation.

Naperville police arrested Sheikh about 2:24 a.m. on May 6, 2012, near Jefferson Avenue and Main Street.

An officer patrolling the downtown area that morning on foot was approached by two men, a police spokesman said in 2012. The men told the officer they had been sitting on a bench near Jefferson Avenue and Washington Street when a man and a woman “sat next to them and began to argue with them,” the spokesman said.

“As the argument escalated, all of the subjects stood up,” with Sheikh then throwing a punch that missed the men, the spokesman said. Sheikh “then produced what appeared to be a box cutter blade, again swinging at the victims and missing,” the spokesman said.

Sheikh’s companion “attempted to stop (him) and sustained a laceration to her hand” from the box cutter, the spokesman said. Sheikh and the woman then fled on foot, only to be stopped by police about a block to the west, the spokesman said.

The woman’s wound proved to be minor, and she declined medical treatment, the spokesman said.

Court records indicated Carol Stream police in November 2007 charged Sheikh with misdemeanor battery. That case was later dismissed.

Glen Ellyn police in April 2008 arrested Sheikh and charged him with fighting in that village, according to records. The judge who convicted Sheikh ordered him to perform 10 hours of community service work and placed him on court supervision, records showed.

Sheikh was arrested again in February 2009, this time on a charge of criminal trespass to a residence in Bloomingdale. Records indicated he was sentenced to eight days in DuPage County Jail in that matter.

Downers Grove police in March 2009 arrested Sheikh and charged him with domestic battery, according to records. A judge later ordered him to serve 10 days in SWAP as his penalty.

He was arrested for the fifth time in August 2011, that time on a charge of domestic battery in Warrenville. Records showed he was sentenced to 18 days in jail and placed on a year of probation for that crime.

Sheikh was arrested in early December for allegedly resisting or obstructing a police officer in Lombard, and less than three weeks ago in Wheaton on a charge of battery, records indicated. He is awaiting trial in both cases.