NCTV17 offers opportunities to highlight businesses

Looking for an affordable way to promote your business in Naperville?

Let NCTV17 tailor a program sponsorship package to meet your specific marketing needs. Put your business on TV and air messages within any of our eight most popular shows, including “Naperville News 17,” “Naperville News Extra,” “Naperville Sports Weekly,” “Spotlight on Naperville,” “Business Connection,” “Naperville Notables,” “The Home Stretch” and “Naperville Sports Weekly Plus,” or as part of our community events coverage.

NCTV17 offers interesting and affordable sponsorship opportunities that allow your business to reach a local, upscale targeted audience of 85,000-plus cable subscribers via channel 17 on Comcast and WOW!, and Channel 99 on AT&T. Plus, all programming is streamed live and on-demand at NCTV17 had 350,000-plus website views in the past year.

Leverage the benefit of TV’s sight, sound and motion when you air your 30-second message about your organization or company. You can choose specific weeks or months to air your message, and all program sponsorship packages include placement on NCTV17’s website and within our social media marketing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

So when your customers watch life in Naperville play out on Naperville Community Television, make sure your business is there with them through our program sponsorship opportunities.

Contact our sponsorship team at or 630-355-2124

Jen Hannon is an anchor and producer at Naperville Community Television, Channel 17