Library helps job hunters land career of dreams

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Times have changed for the unemployed and those looking to switch jobs. No longer can you visit an office, hand over your crisp, cotton-fiber-paper resume and get a job on the spot.

Today, resume paper is out the window with email the preferred mode of sharing work history and skills.

Job seekers also rely on LinkedIn accounts to stay up to date with professional contacts.

They know how to enhance their cover letters with the buzz words employers are looking for, and they intensely research the company ahead of time so they are prepared for the interview. After which, job hunters have to stay cool under their starched collar and power suit as they take a series of tests to prove their skills.

If they are lucky enough, they will then land a second interview, which hopefully leads to the promised land of a desk equipped with a shiny stapler and sharpened pencils.

After also donning a power suit and being on the hunt for a job, I learned the market is a shark tank full of hungry job seekers who know the ins and outs of career hunting. Luckily, I eventually found the promised land of staplers, pencils and even an employee coffee mug at Naperville Public Library. But for those still looking for a job, the library can help.

Throughout the next several months, the library will offer job search classes, including ones for first-time job seekers. The program Career Readiness Before College on April 24 will showcase career exploration to help students find the right path and major for them. The program College Grad … Now What? will be April 30 and will teach recent college graduates the tools they need to plan for their job search.

Becky Brillon, with the Community Career Center, will present the job search workshop Interviewing Skills on May 20 at Nichols Library, 200 W. Jefferson Ave. Brillon will show individuals how to develop and enhance their interview skills by teaching them professional techniques.

The library also offers computer classes that may help spruce up your resume with some new skills.

The program Introduction to Photoshop Elements on March 26 and April 17 at 95th Street Library, 3015 Cedar Glade Road, will detail basic photo editing skills that you can add to your resume.

In mid-April, Microsoft Word 2013 Level 1, 2 and 3 will teach participants skills from the basics of cutting, copying and formatting text to the more advanced skills like creating tables, page layouts and creating custom styles.

For those needing a social media skill set, the library also will present Facebook and Twitter Basics for Tablets on May 1 at Nichols Library.

The library is a great source to help land the perfect career. Whether you need to fine-tune your resume or need to learn more computer techniques, make NPL the first step in your job hunt.

Mary Rakoczy is a multimedia associate for the Naperville Public Library.