Police report

These are incidents reported by the Naperville Police Department. Where charges have been filed, the report includes when and where the suspect was stopped or taken into custody and the nature of the charges.

Saturday, March 15

1Shoplifting: About 2:11 p.m., unidentified male or female issued city of Naperville ticket for retail theft, “for switching price tags for a total savings of $17 on the purchase of five items” at Goodwill Industries, 539 Fort Hill Drive.

2Narcotics possession: Leann M. Grivetti, 36, Custer Park; Bardhyl Lleshi, 38, Cicero; and Richard A. Olson, 38, Morris; 5:01 p.m. at Walmart Supercenter, 2552 W. 75th St.; all charged with possession of a controlled substance and retail theft; Grivetti also taken into custody on outstanding arrest warrant.

3Battery: About 9:42 p.m., unidentified male reported being punched in face by unidentified male, after attacker believed he had been “messing by the wheel well” of car parked on the 0-99 block of Tenth Avenue.

4Suspended license: Gumecindo Oregel, 27, Aurora; 11:38 p.m. near Ogden Avenue and Route 59; charged with driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance and making improper turn at intersection.

5Trespassing: Jason M. Garstka, 25, Woodridge; 11:44 p.m. at Wise Boxer Pour House, 16 W. Jefferson Ave.; charged with criminal trespass to land, fighting and interfering with police.

Sunday, March 16

6ID obstruction: Horace E. McClain, 23, Aurora; 1:15 a.m. near McCoy Drive and Route 59; charged with obstructing identification; also taken into custody on outstanding arrest warrant.

7Suspended license: Daimenion D. Freeman, 37, Aurora; 1:21 a.m. near Van Buren Avenue and Main Street; charged with driving with a suspended license.

8Marijuana possession: Andrew L. Cowen, 20, 1600 block of Conan Doyle Road; 1:26 a.m. near 103rd Street and Route 59; charged with possession of marijuana and disobeying a traffic signal; passenger Kevin R. Swanson, 21, Plainfield, taken into custody on outstanding, Will County arrest warrant.

9Property damage: Between 7:30 p.m. March 15 and 1:30 a.m., mailboxes damaged outside two homes on 1200 block of Ashton Lane.

10Public urination: About 1:39 a.m., unidentified, “intoxicated subject ran down sidewalk … past four police cars with activated lights, and stepped into doorway” of unidentified business on 0-99 block of West Jackson Avenue “and decided to urinate;” report provided no further information.

11Driving under the influence: Ricardo Garcia, 24, Romeoville; 1:47 a.m. near 87th and Washington streets; charged with two counts DUI and one count each driving on wrong side of divided roadway and failure to notify secretary of state’s office of change of address.

12Public urination: About 2:03 a.m., unidentified, intoxicated male ticketed for urinating in public near Chicago Avenue and Brainard Street.

13DUI: Stefan Knizka, 37, 1000 block of Heritage Hill Drive; 2:34 a.m. near Fifth Avenue and Washington Street; charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, improper lane use and speeding.

14DUI: Adam G. Olson, 22, Montgomery; 3:10 a.m. near Beebe and Fitness drives; charged with DUI and driving without insurance.

15DUI: Nicholas J. Donzanti, 22, 1300 block of Braidwood Drive; 4:06 a.m., after being followed to 500 block of Fessler Avenue; charged with DUI, leaving scene of accident involving vehicle damage, driving without insurance and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident/driving too fast for conditions, after striking parked, unoccupied vehicle on 700 block of Torrington Drive and then fleeing from scene.

16Unwanted subjects: About 11:59 a.m., unspecified number of unidentified males or females given verbal warning not to return to or trespass at unidentified business on 100 block of East Ogden Avenue.

17Unlicensed driver: Kendal D. Brown, 23, Chicago; 4:49 p.m. near Gartner Road and Catalpa Lane; charged with driving without a license and two counts driving without insurance.

18Shoplifting: Kaitlin L. Main, 30, Chicago; 5:25 p.m. at ULTA, 2707 Aurora Ave.; charged with retail theft.

19Warrants: Amber M. Stewart, 28, Aurora; 7:26 p.m. near Jackson Avenue and Webster Street; taken into custody on four outstanding arrest warrants.

20Marijuana possession: About 8:55 p.m., odor of marijuana detected by police during traffic stop near Emerson Lane and Rickert Drive; unidentified motorist charged with possession of less than 30 grams marijuana.