Library’s Money Smart Week shows value in hard-earned dollar

<p>Naperville Public Library  |  File Photo</p>

Naperville Public Library  |  File Photo

I am a spontaneous, impulsive shopper. I am the type of consumer that gets hooked by the side-aisle displays at the grocery store or throws a last-minute item in the cart before I could think twice about not putting it on the conveyor belt. I am a marketer’s dream consumer.

Because I just moved into a new place and am planning a wedding, I know I need to pinch my pennies.

But that half-priced sequin shamrock cowboy hat I recently bought was a must-need purchase, right? Indeed, I need to thoughtfully assess my quick-to-purchase impulses so I can save.

Luckily, Naperville Public Library dedicates a whole week to being cash savvy. Money Smart Week, from April 5 through 12, will focus on how all ages can save and value money.

“Our intent is to help people develop an awareness of money matters and to learn how to be smart about their money and make good decisions before things become urgent,” said Kent Palmer, business librarian who organizes the library’s programs for Money Smart Week.

“My anticipation for Money Smart Week is to have those who attend learn something that they didn’t already know. These programs are always most successful when the attendees who most need the information are able to gain free access to that information.”

During the week, adults can attend programs, including:

Financial Analysis at Your Library on April 7. Brian Ahern of Weiss Financial Ratings Series will teach individuals how to determine the financial stability of a bank.

On April 8, Laura LaBelle of LFE Institute will present the program, How to Bridge the Retirement Gap.

Thomas J. Jaworski of Quest College Consulting will cover the costs of college as well as provide tips on how to maximize every dollar for college during the program, How to Prepare for the Rising Cost of College, on April 9.

Learn the ABCs of Buying a Home when mortgage consultant Monika Tkaczyck will discuss household budgeting, building credit and home loan financing options April 10.

Teens also can learn about being money smart during the Teen Reality Fair on April 12. The fair will teach the basics of financial literacy, such as opening a bank account and interviewing for a job.

And even the youngest Alex P. Keatons, who want to learn the ins and outs of saving, can attend the library’s new children’s program, Money Smart Mini Camp for Kids and Parents, on April 12.

“I think it is very important for children to learn at an early age that money doesn’t come easily and that it requires work and planning to be able to have enough money to buy the things we need and want,” Palmer said.

Whether you are a self-declared penny pincher or more of a free-spirited spender like me, Money Smart Week will show the value of every hard-earned dollar.

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Mary Rakoczy is a multimedia associate for the Naperville Public Library.