Naperville hot tub linked to recent Legionnaires’ cases closed again

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The hot tub in a north Naperville health club that was closed down five months ago after two men who had visited the spa contracted Legionnaires’ disease is closed again.

This time, it was because public health officials found a little too much disinfectant when they tested the fluid.

“It was just the chlorine levels were a little high,” Luke Firestone, a manager at the LA Fitness location on Freedom Drive, said Wednesday afternoon.

David Hass, a spokesman for the DuPage County Health Department, which ordered the closure Tuesday, said the club’s management was cooperating fully with the suspension of the club feature.

“They’ve been working with the operator quite a bit, trying to keep the level within the [acceptable] range, and it’s been fluctuating,” Hass said.

A news release from the health agency said the closure was precautionary.

Although the two cases of Legionnaires’ disease were not confirmed by state health officials until Nov. 8, the county department closed the tub more than two weeks before that, also as a precautionary measure.

A potentially fatal form of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease is not contagious between humans; people are sickened when they inhale tainted air. The bacteria most often are carried in the mists emanating from hot tubs, showers and commercial-sized air conditioning units.

Firestone said the contracting company that maintains the club’s hot tub had workers out draining the pool this week. Normally once the spa has undergone routine cleaning and has been refilled, the chlorine settles to the appropriate levels. This time, he said, representatives from the Health Department visited the club before enough time had passed for that to occur.

The facility’s operations manager will meet with public health officials, Firestone said, and the spa should reopen within a week to 10 days. In the meantime, the rest of the LA Fitness amenities remain open to club members.