Fit tip: Ideas for exercising at home

<p>Group of women doing wall squats during a boot camp class.  |  File</p>

Group of women doing wall squats during a boot camp class.  |  File

You’re busy, it’s raining, the weather is terrible, I get it. I get all the excuses as to why you just don’t feel like going to the gym.

But, that’s not a good enough excuse for not exercising at all. It’s super easy to create a quick, interval workout using items in your home (or not using anything at all!).

There’s a big misconception behind exercising that you need to exercise for a long period of time to get a “good workout in.” That’s not true, nor is the idea that you have to sweat a lot to feel the burn.

All you need is a quick 15-20 minute routine to get your heart rate escalated and here are tips to do that:

Do intervals of short cardio spurts combined with body weight exercises

You remember those things called burpees we all hate? Well, they get your heart rate up super quick, and that’s why they’re awesome. Start off your workout with one minute of burpees followed by three minutes of a body weight exercise: Different forms of squats, lunges on both legs, push-ups, planks, wall squats, etc.

To kick the body weight exercises up a notch, hold soup cans above your head, hold a case of water in front of your body, milk cartons at your sides, or anything else you can grasp in your hands that feels challenging.

After the three minute body-weight exercise, continue the cycle again with another minute of burpees. Or you can do mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jump rope, alternate jumping-lunges, or anything else you know gets your heart rate up. 

You’ll repeat the cycle five times until you reach 20 minutes. Voila! You’re done. 

Don’t forget, there’s no shame in getting a little cardio action in my dancing around your house to some good music. There’s nothing wrong with that — And it’s definitely my favorite way to get my heart rate up! Who needs Zumba when you can be your own dance instructor?!

Need more inspiration? Get a friend involved with your at-home workout routine or check out this five minute video featuring trainer Joel Harper that shows you how to get a solid workout done in just five minutes.

What are your best tips for exercising at home? Leave them in the comments below for us to add! 

Monica Kucera is a Community News Manager with Wrapports News Service. She’s is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer. After running two marathons and several half marathons, she loves helping people reach their own fitness and health goals! Email her with fit questions or comments at