Three arrested after fight on Naperville street

A 43-year-old woman is free on bond and awaiting trial, after Naperville police said she “recruited” her neighbors to “resolve” a fistfight between her teenage son and another youth, a fight that attracted more than 30 spectators.

Ten Naperville police officers were sent to maintain order on the scene and stop the fight, which occurred just before 11 p.m. Tuesday on the 400 block of East Bailey Road, Sgt. Steve Schindlbeck confirmed Thursday.

The woman, Marian Prescott, lives nearby, on the 1600 block of Coach Drive. She was arrested along with her 17-year-old son and a 15-year-old boy.

Schindlbeck said the youths sustained minor injuries during their fight. None of the onlookers were hurt, and no other arrests were made, he said.

“This event was born out of an argument between (the two teens) over a girl, which culminated in an actual fistfight,” Schindlbeck wrote in an email. “There were upwards of 30 people on scene at the height of this.”

A Naperville municipal map put the location of the fight in or near the Lake Caryonah apartment complex. It lies south of Bailey Road and just west of Naper Boulevard.

Prescott allegedly “recruited other people from the neighborhood to ‘resolve’ the situation” between her son and the other youth, Schindlbeck said. “Those people showed up, and there was a dispute between those people and the other people on scene.”

“The onlookers were yelling at each other, and a couple of them assumed a fighting stance, but never actually began to fight,” Schindlbeck said.

Ten police officers were sent to the scene to stop the fistfight and maintain order among the spectators, he said.

Schindlbeck added Prescott “did not do herself any favors when she repeatedly argued with the officers on scene.” She was taken into custody, photographed and fingerprinted at the police station and charged under a municipal ordinance with disorderly conduct/two or more to disturb the public, according to police records.

Prescott’s son and the other boy were charged as juveniles with fighting. Preliminary court dates were pending Thursday for Prescott and the two youths.