Jaslyn Singh: Stay positive on Facebook

<p>File Photo.  |  AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo</p>

File Photo.  |  AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo

Facebook — definitely not the same as a real face and a real book to look at. But I have to say, that I have noticed my clients self-esteem increase by far using Facebook.

Using Facebook wisely is key. If you focus on “who is going out with whom”-type posts then you are setting yourself up for some sadness. If you are capable of being happy for people who are going out with each other, excluding you, then you have it together. Inner power is key!

Moving along, when you can “like” a friend’s picture, you are throwing out positive energies; therefore, you will feel good about yourself. If you have expectations of others to “like” your picture; well then we all know, expectations equal disappointments. Plus you are powerless over your own emotions and are disconnected from within.

Again, if you can use Facebook as a way to throw out positive energies without the expectations, you can then pat yourself on the back. Also, taking “selfies” of yourself are cute and fun, a great way to love yourself. It’s like looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you love yourself. Great boost of energy!

Some may say, Facebook is a waste of time or can find ways to criticize Facebook, well then, those who do that probably need to figure out why the need to connect with negative energies or simply maybe wonder why be signed on as a member then?

In a nutshell, Facebook seems to be the topic these days, use it in a healthy way. If Facebook brings out negative energies for you, then you’ll know that it’s not Facebook, it’s a disconnect that you are experiencing within yourself. Also if you are a positive person, but seem to evaluate or criticize what others are doing on their Facebook, that might not your cup of tea — it’s still your own negative energies, not theirs! Pointing fingers can only mean something is lacking within you. Try and love yourself. If you love yourself you will not feel the need to point fingers at others.

Don’t forget to manage your time wisely. Be active and structured, meet people face to face and take time to read a good book! Balance is key.

Thank you to a client for suggesting that I write an article on Facebook.

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