Weird Crime: 15-year-old calls 911 after being disciplined by mom

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Family Feud

Disorderly conduct: About 6:32 p.m., police went to home on 2300 block of Fawn Lake Circle, after “15-year-old dialed 911 after being disciplined by mother;” report provided no further information.

Spring cleaning

Suspicious incident: A 67-year-old woman reported about 9:05 a.m., “house cleaner accidentally walked into the wrong house to clean” on 2700 block of Modaff Road.

The Usual Suspect

Larry Bebo has been arrested or ticketed nearly 100 times and sentenced to prison at least seven times in his 54 years of living.He has been convicted of everything from forging Illinois State Lottery tickets to making bogus 911 calls from a sandwich shop while clad only in boxer shorts.

The Naperville resident found himself in yet more legal trouble following a traffic stop not far from his home on Hinterlong Lane, for allegedly possessing heroin and cocaine, a Naperville police official said Friday.