Naperville Jaycees donates more than $8,000 to local organizations

<p>The Naperville Jaycees donated more than $8.250 to area nonprofits.  |  Courtesy Naperville Jaycees</p>

The Naperville Jaycees donated more than $8.250 to area nonprofits.  |  Courtesy Naperville Jaycees

The Naperville Jaycees donated $8,250 to area nonprofits. Read the full release below.

The Naperville Jaycees announce a total donation of $8,250 to local organizations in April 2014. 
On Tuesday, April 8, several donation requests went before the Jaycees general membership for a vote and a total of $8,250 was approved to assist Naperville area not-for-profits.  The Naperville Jaycees are proud to support local organizations who are making great strides to help several important aspects of the community. The recipients include: Little Friends $1,500; Naperville CARES $1,500; Our Children’s Homestead $2,250; Teen Parent Connection $1,000; Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA) $2,000.

The Naperville Jaycees will continue to research and donate to deserving local organizations throughout the remainder of fiscal year 2014.  In addition to the monetary donations, the Naperville Jaycees are continually finding ways to give back thru volunteerism and community outreach.


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