Garden Tip: Grow-through frame supports summer beauties

<p>Grow through frames are designed to blend in. | Submitted</p>

Grow through frames are designed to blend in. | Submitted

Spring has finally arrived, and plants are emerging from their winter slumber. As you see new shoots, it’s the perfect time to provide support for some of our more floppy perennials and shrubs.

Peonies are a classic spring beauty, but some varieties require a grow-through frame or hoops so their heavy flowers don’t flop. Their red new shoots are appearing now, it’s a great time to set up a frame. Many frames come in green for easy camouflage once the plants are growing.

Some of our favorite summer flowers also benefit from support.

Annabelle hydrangeas are notorious for flopping under the weight of their huge blossoms. As you give them their spring prune, it’s a great time to place hoops for summer flowers.

Baptisia or false indigo also can benefit from a little help. This prairie plant won’t appear until soil warms up, but if you know where in your garden it’s located, a grow-through frame can be placed now.

Other summer flowers that could use some support include tall phlox, delphinium, Asiatic lilies and some asters.

There are a wide range of shapes and sizes available from large hoops to small wire supports that cradle a single stem.

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