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Kim Roth Fine Arts

Where: 1839 Wehrli Road, Naperville

Call: 630-300-4536



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Flying Buddha Fitness

Where: 1213 Butterfield Road, Wheaton

Call: 331-442-9769



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After teaching art classes from her Naperville home for several years, Kim Roth decided it might be time to move her creative venture to a studio space. She found what she was looking for at 1839 Wehrli Road, south of 75th Street.

A month-and-a-half later, on April 1, she opened her studio.

“Everything just came together,” says an almost astonished owner of Kim Roth Fine Arts studio.

“The space is pretty inspirational, windows on both sides, stone-piled floors and high ceilings,” she adds of the space that once was a kitchen cabinet showroom.

Roth, a University of Illinois accounting graduate, became a dedicated stay-at-home mom once her second child was born. Ten years ago, the now mother of five children started listened to her artistic calling, went back to school and then on to teaching art classes from her home.

A strong believer in the Sight Size technique, Roth looks to train students’ eyes to assess proportions, which in turn helps with their drawings and paintings.

“Once you train your eyes, you can draw anything, change the rules,” she says.

She often using mirrors, strings, skewers or simply holding an object up-side-down to help develop a visual understanding.

Kim Roth Fine Arts studio offers a variety of classes, open sessions and party events for children, teens and adults. Roth guides aspiring artists to transfer drawings to canvas using various materials.

“But we never, ever use any toxic paints,” she says.

Twice weekly Roth also offers open studio time. Participants bring their own materials but get to use the studio ambience for motivation, while Roth offers gentle guidance to those who ask for help.

“I act like a coach and only step in when needed,” she says of the approach.

Yoga in silks

Flying Buddha Fitness, 1213 Butterfield Road, Wheaton, is one of only a few studios in the area to offer aerial yoga to children, teens and adults, as well as a medley of other fitness classes, such as cardio-kick boxing, pilates and pole fitness.

“When I started aerial yoga, I knew I wanted to share it with everyone,” owner Rebecca Riser says. She started out as a spin class teacher and personal fitness instructor two decades ago.

“The beauty of it is amazing. And, believe it or not, it’s easier to do inversions (up-side-down poses) when you get into the silks.”

Riser is a big believer in the benefits of yoga.

“I wish everyone would do yoga,” she says. She especially is happy to see some insurance companies are starting to accept yoga in coverage plans.

To accommodate different fitness and flexibility levels, Flying Buddha Fitness offers a variety of aerial classes that build on each other for technique and strength, but some can also be taken simultaneously.

“Beginners all start out with minimal inversions,” Riser says. “For some that’s frustrating because they come in wanting to do so much more. But we have to build strength first.”

Schedule a class or party at

For the very apprehensive, a buy-one-get-one-free class may be the way to go, Riser says.

“We have friends or a mom and daughter come in. Some buy the aerial yoga and then try the pole fitness class.”

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