Freshmen Force: Students to attend campus leaders conference

Katie Roe and Sarah Kott might just be at the start of their college careers, but they already have a head start.

The American Association of University Women, Naperville, is sending the freshmen to the National Conference of Campus Student Leaders next month at the University of Maryland.

“These two women have been selected due to their current outstanding service as student leaders in their first year of college, and they will have three years to contribute to their college as leaders,” said Elaine Fisher of the American Association of University Women, Naperville.

The two women were awarded a scholarship to cover the cost of attendance.

“They will benefit from the conference skill workshops, meeting women of achievement, and interacting with government officials and agency staff.,” Fisher said.

Roe attends Benedictine University, and Kott is a student at North Central College.

Roe, 19, is studying elementary education, and is active in Benedictine’s student government. She said she is looking forward to meeting “like-minded women who want to help make their future world better.”

“This award means so much to me,” Roe said. “I am forever thankful to be offered this wonderful opportunity because I know it will be beneficial not only for me to grow as a person, but for those I will lead.”

Kott, 19, is pursuing a degree in marketing and management with a minor in leadership. At North Central, she is involved in organizations iLead, Focus and the college scholar’s honors program, and has plans to be a resident’s assistant next year.

“This award tells me that I am distinguishing myself as a leader on campus and making a difference in our community,” Kott said. “I am so grateful to all of the women at the American Association of University Women for supporting me and making my attendance to this conference possible. I am so excited to meet people from other parts of the country and learn how to hone my leadership skills so that I can be more effective when I return home.”

The three-day conference will include keynote speakers Chelsea Clinton, media technologist Deanna Zandt and a panel composed of Women of Distinction Award recipients. More than 1,000 students from around the country will attend workshops focused on life skills of advocacy, leadership, health and wellness, communication and networking.

“Our organizational mission is equity for women and girls; so by facilitating attendance at this conference, we believe we are enabling two female college leaders to be more successful in life and overcome any inequities,” Fisher said. “By attending the conference they will increase their leadership, management and visioning skills, build confidence and expand their personal goals as well as their network of like-minded young women leaders and women of achievement.”