Mother’s Day: Readers share mom’s best advice

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Mother’s Day is May 11 and we wanted to recognize all of the great moms out there. We asked readers to tell us how their moms shared love and advice with them. 

Jennifer Raaths, public relations manager of TheStationaryStudio.comPlan ahead. She always taught me the importance of planning and it’s helped me tremendously while juggling a career and children.

Lake Zurich Mayor Tom Poynton: You did it … You deal with it.

Valerie Stern, public information coordinator at the Ela Area Public LibraryStop worrying … your child won’t be walking down the aisle wearing a diaper and sucking on a pacifier.

Laurie Wilhoit, communication and event manager for the Lake Zurich Area Chamber of CommerceEverything in moderation.

Jonathan Burnett: The best advice my mother ever gave me was, “Always treat people the way you want to be treated.” It was a general lesson, prompted by the prejudices so often encountered in life.

Rich Blum of Libertyville: I didn’t transition well to high school from juniorr high and brought home a C and 5 Ds on my first six week high school report card. Teachers thought I shouldn’t be in AP classes. But it was my attitude not aptitude. That weekend on a hot humid day, she and I were driving into town and passed a work crew digging trenches by shovel. They looked exhausted. She nodded at them and said to me….”that’s what you’ll be doing for work if you don’t get your priorities straight in school.” It worked. I’ve never forgotten it. 

Patty Hale of Libertyville: Always wear clean underwear, RIP MOM ..

Patricia Bleck of Libertyville: My mom encouraged us girls to have high expectations. She would say “you can do it!”.

Robert Bleck of Libertyville: I grew up with dense woods and big cornfields nearby. Mom was constantly reminding us not to “wander off.” Later in life I found that to be good metaphorical advice.

Lisa Marie Andrews Smith of Libertyville: My mom used to tell me that “it was just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one.” Too bad, I didn’t heed her advice! 

Ginger Northrup Acopiado of Mundelein: The best advice my mother ever gave me was to love your children unconditionally and make sure they know it. Then no matter what life throws at them, they will have the strength to rise above it. It works. I have great kids!! 

Laura Castillo of Mundelein: My mom would tell me — “you are not superwoman… it’s okay to ask for help.” 

Nikki Patrick of Mundelein: My mom actually passed away nine years ago, 5/11/05. The anniversary falls on Mother’s Day this year. It’s also my second Mother’s Day with my daughter. The best advice she ever gave me was to follow my heart and not worry about what others think. She also told me to never stop dreaming.

Nancy Loewenherz Campbell of Mundelein: It’s not what she said…it’s what she didn’t say. She never voiced disapproval, even though I suspect she might not have agreed with some of my choices. 

Celeste Scott of Mundelein: Treat people as you wish to be treated. Hasn’t failed me yet.

Nora T’Niemi of Mundelein: I’m the youngest girl of nine, so there was plenty of great advice to go around! A few which stayed with me are: Above all, family comes first. Pay it forward without expecting something in return. And finally, be an independent thinker (the age old if your friend jumped off a bridge, would you philosophy). So far, I’ve taken it, and passed it on.

Dana Spies of Deerfield: Be as good as a listener as you are a talk!

Andy Pratt of Highland Park: It’s now what she said. It’s what she didn’t that left the best impression. I guess you could say she lived by example.