A look at Memory Keepers’ audio transfer services

If you have old audio recordings stored on tape, you may not even have the technology to play these tapes at home anymore. You can restore the playability of these recordings and keep your memories in good condition for years to come by visiting Memory Keepers in Naperville and taking advantage of their audio transfer services.

Audio reel transfer

You can significantly cut down on clutter by taking those old audio reels to Memory Keepers for CD transfer. The number of CDs you will need for your reels will vary, as audio reels differ in size and recording speeds. A CD will hold 70 minutes of audio, but there is no consistent length of audio reels.

Cassette tape transfer

Audio cassettes are easily damaged, so they are not highly reliable for the long-term preservation of your music and memories. You can transfer one cassette onto just one or two CDs, which will allow you to upload files to your computer for storage that won’t take up space around your house.

LP transfer

Some music enthusiasts have piles of old LPs, 45s and 78s lying around that rarely get played. Memory Keepers can bring these recordings back to life while preserving the unique sound quality of your vintage vinyl.

Memory Keepers gives you the power to preserve home movies, pictures and audio recordings with digital transfer services in Naperville. Explore their full line of services by visiting Memory Keepers online or by calling 630-717-0278. 

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