A look at the sleek beauty of sliding glass doors and walls

You can do so much more with glass doors than create an entry to your backyard or patio. Used in interior design, doors can be paired with elegant glass walls to create unique and modern room partitions, offer a stunning solution for tucked away bathrooms and pantries, and allow you to tap into your design creativity.

Space-saving solutions

Sliding doors are much more compact than swing doors, so you can use them in any area of your home—including tight hallways and small bedrooms. Sliding glass barn doors are a unique solution that can seamlessly integrate two rooms or provide a decorative and contemporary barrier between your living space and your common areas used for entertaining.

Creative room transitions

Glass walls with sliding glass enclosures of frosted or colored glass are an excellent way to create a sense of openness when you want it and privacy when you need it. Alternatively, you could select clear glass for room that you want to connect to the rest of your space while maintaining a distinctive boundary.

Customizable use of space

You can create closets or room divisions where they may not have previously existed with the incredible range of custom options for glass doors and walls. While conventional sliding doors and swing doors can only accommodate very specifically sized spaces, glass can open up a world of creative possibilities in your home.

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