A look at the timeline of chiropractic care

When you visit a chiropractor for the first time, you may find yourself asking how many visits will be required to achieve optimal results for your care. The answer to this question varies from patient to patient depending on the initial problem, the current health of the patient and the primary goals of treatment. Read on to discover how these factors will influence the timeline of your care with Dr. Andrew Haug in Naperville.

Establishing goals

The goal is always to return the patient to normal function, but the first step is pinpointing the problem. Therefore, an excellent exam can tell if the cause of pain is a simple muscle strain or a more serious disc problem. In many cases, only a few visits are needed to experience pain relief and get you back to your routine. With more serious problems, it may take the body longer to heal. The body heals faster and more effectively when the spine is straighter and the body is in more complete alignment.

In many cases, symptoms are not necessarily even caused by a muscle strain or a disc problem. Instead, the source is a chronic back problem that worsens over the years. In this situation, patients usually need regular visits to maintain the spine's normal function. Usually one adjustment every two to eight weeks is enough to discover improved overall function and greater enjoyment of normal daily living.

Understanding long-term benefits

If you do choose to see a chiropractor for an indefinite period, you might begin to experience some surprising benefits of long-term care. For example, you may become more flexible and be able to increase your strength as you get moderate exercise between chiropractic visits. Your chiropractor may also offer some wellness tips to keep you on the right track to better overall health.

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