A look at volleyball instruction for young players

Children learn differently as they get older, and learning a sport happens in the same way as the process of learning an academic subject. At first, it is important to gradually introduce the fundamentals which will serve as building blocks for more complex aspects of the game later on. The tools used to learn also vary, as children may need specialized equipment to get acquainted with the sport before they truly start to develop their skills. Read on for a glance at the areas where volleyball instruction is unique for younger players.

Focus on technical skills

Young players learning to play volleyball must first focus on developing proper technical skills in the areas of underhand passing, overhand passing and serving.  By learning to control the ball with good basic technique, young players are laying the foundation for playing at a higher level. Young players lacking a great deal of strength or power will have a tough time learning skills like attacking or blocking, but the basics of ball control can be learned at a much younger age. By teaching players the basic elements of controlling the ball, they are well prepared for more advanced techniques and strategies later on.

Length of practice

At the ages of 5-7, children generally do not have the attention span or endurance for long practices, so they meet for only one hour per week. Older kids can play longer and keep their focus, so they have longer practices at higher frequencies.

Competition and tournament play

When kids start out in volleyball, the focus is on fun and free play, so tournaments are not common in younger age groups. By 7th grade, children may have developed and refined their skills to participate in try-out only leagues as well as open academies with tournament play. Once competition is part of play, children may also take part in more drills, clinics and refined practices to sculpt their skills on a deeper level.

At Great Lakes Center, you can find several Youth Academies with the specific and detailed instruction your child needs to appreciate the sport at any age. To learn more about Great Lakes Center and their excellent Aurora facilities, visit them online or call 630-898-6400.

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