A look at what it takes to secure a volleyball scholarship

Volleyball scholarships are a fantastic opportunity for college-bound high school students. With a volleyball scholarship, a student will be able to take their sport to the next level, while also studying at one of the top colleges or universities in the country. If your teen is interested in securing a volleyball scholarship, here is a look at what it takes.

Research NCAA requirements

The first step towards securing a volleyball scholarship is to research the NCAA requirements for volleyball players. The NCAA publishes a guide of rules and regulations for all student and coaches. You may also want to get started early on researching which teams and schools offer the best scholarships and opportunities for players.

Get noticed on the court

Once you have decided to secure a volleyball scholarship, you will need to get noticed as a player. During the tournament season, you may want to send your schedule to recruitment coaches at your top schools. In addition, you may also want to fill out a recruitment registry profile, which will provide coaches with easy access to all of your information.

Attend summer volleyball camps

Some colleges offer summer camps for interested students. By attending a summer volleyball camp, you will get to know the coaches and staff members at your desired school. Other camp opportunities include College Prospect Camps, which will provide you with a valuable opportunity to demonstrate your abilities to prospective coaches.

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