A unique approach to resolving neck pain

If you have avoided chiropractic care because you are uncomfortable with the idea of cracking or twisting the spine, you may find relief from back and neck pain with Atlas Orthogonality, which is a distinct type of chiropractic care. Atlas Orthogonality focuses on adjustments in the Atlas vertabra. This type of adjustment can relieve a wide range of problems, but it is particularly effective for the treatment of chronic neck pain and headaches.

Initial diagnosis

Your first visit to an Orthogonist will not begin with an adjustment. Instead, the doctor will spend the time to make sure that you are a good candidate for atlas chiropractic care. The doctor will then give an in-depth exam that includes assessments of the patient’s range of motion, painful areas, posture, muscular tension as well as neurological and orthopedic tests. In the case that the exam shows evidence of an atlas misalignment, special x-ray views will be taken of the neck. The analysis of the x-rays include the patient’s current best spinal alignment, the shapes of the joints and precise misalignment of the atlas vertebra. Knowing exactly where an adjustment is needed will create a pain-free experience that does not include the forceful manipulation of conventional spinal adjustments.

Gentle, precise adjustments

Altas Orthogonality requires a soft touch that corrects the misalignment of the Atlas vertebra. Patients are often surprised that treatment is complete, because there is almost no sensation at all in the adjustment. Treatment is effective because it moves the spine into a more relaxed and natural position that does not create pressure points in the back and neck. The neck is able to move more freely and continue to support the weight of the head.

For more details about Atlas Orthogonality, consult Dr. Haug at Naperville’s Haug Chiropractic by calling 630-948-4222. Dr. Haug is a specialist in this field of chiropractic medicine offering treatment for neck pain, headaches and chronic lower back pain.

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