Activities to enjoy with your retired parents

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When your parents settle into an independent living community, you may have more opportunities to spend time together and build a new relationship. As you connect with your elderly parents, there are many activities that can help you enjoy time together and encourage good health for your parents.

Teach your parents to use technology

Now that your parents have lots of free time, it may be beneficial for them to learn how to use social media and other modern technologies to stay connected to the community. Plus, social sites and electronic communications will help your elderly relatives stay in touch with the younger members of your family who may be constantly connected to a phone or computer. Social media use is most rapidly increasing among senior citizens, but they may need a little guidance to get started in these avenues of communication.

Explore nature together

Spending time in the outdoors can be therapeutic for you and your parents, so you might plan a weekend trip for a hike in the woods or a day on the beach. A breath of fresh air by the water or among the trees may provide the perfect addition to a long conversation.

Spend time in your parents’ community

While getting out into nature and the community is important, you might also find it beneficial to spend time with your parents in their neighborhood. You may just encourage your parents to get to know their neighbors a little better through community activities that they may otherwise avoid.

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