All kids welcome at free Junior Golf Open House

Photo Courtesy: Kwik Golf Ltd.

Photo Courtesy: Kwik Golf Ltd.

Golf is not a sport typically offered in schools, but is a great way for children to learn focus, patience and flexibility. While young children may not have the endurance for a full 18 holes of golf, they can have great fun hitting the course for speed golf or improving their swing on the driving range. Bolingbrook Golf Club has the perfect event to spark your child's interest in golf, with a free Junior Golf Open House on Saturday, March 1. Read on for more about youth golf and this exciting event.

What golf has to offer to young players

Playing golf can nurture a healthy competitive spirit in your child and build confidence as his or her game improves. You might also find that playing golf is an excellent way to bond with your child while getting healthy exercise. The sport of golf is often a lifelong hobby, and learning the game early can make your child a competent player.

When children should start playing

Some children may pick their first club as early as five, but it is never too late to start playing the game. Because golf has grown in popularity among young players, there is an excellent selection of specially sized equipment available for the smallest golf enthusiasts.

Junior Golf Open House

If you want to spark your child’s interest in golf, bring the whole family to Bolingbrook Golf Club for their Junior Golf Open House on Saturday. This event is open to all children and their families, and it will include instruction, speed golf contests, equipment fittings, prizes, and indoor golf simulation. Admission is free and includes a discount lunch certificate for the Nest Bar & Grill.

To reserve a spot for your child at Bolingbrook Golf Club's Junior Golf Open House, visit them online or call 630-771-9400.

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