Are you at risk for anxiety disorder?

Because there are many different types of anxiety disorders, there are a number of possible risk factors for these conditions. Each case is unique, but there are some fairly common causes for disorders of this nature. Below is a quick look at some of the leading risks for anxiety disorders, which affect more than 40 million American adults.

Traumatic events

Childhood trauma or later in life traumatic experiences can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety disorder. In some cases, traumatic events may not be distinctly remembered by patients, so psychotherapy may be necessary to identify the root cause of the disorder. Unmanaged stress may also be a cause for anxiety disorder at any age.


Women are about 60% more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in life than men. Heredity may also play a role, so women with a family history of anxiety disorders have an even higher risk.


Many cases of anxiety disorder actually develop in childhood or in the teen years. Phobias and obsessive compulsive disorders may arise in younger children, while social fears and panic disorder are more common in teenagers.

Substance abuse

Drug and alcohol use are external triggers for anxiety disorders that may cause the disorder or worsen symptoms. Substance abuse and anxiety disorders may be co-diagnosed because of their close relationship.

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