Are you losing your hearing? You could be missing more than you think

Hearing loss is a problem that many individuals do not recognize on their own, because the hearing diminishes so gradually over an extended period of time. You might think that those around you are prone to mumbling and speaking at a low volume, but this could actually be the result of hearing loss.

If your friends or family members have noted that you may be losing your hearing, you might consider a comprehensive hearing exam to learn if you have a problem. Read on to explore more of the details about the typical pattern of hearing loss and the risk factors that lead to it.

Signs of hearing loss

You might ask yourself if people comment on the loud volume of your speaking voice, television, or radio as you consider whether or not you may have hearing loss. Conversational habits are another important area to think about. If you have trouble hearing when multiple people are speaking, frequently ask others to repeat themselves, or misinterpret what others are saying, you likely have a hearing problem. While this can be frustrating or embarrassing, there are ways to restore your hearing and improve your daily communication with others.

Risk factors

Knowing if you are at risk for hearing loss may motivate you to make an appointment with an audiologist earlier in the progression of your condition. The aging process causes hearing problems in many people, but hearing loss could occur earlier if you have been frequently exposed to loud noises at work or during recreational activities.

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