Benefits of team sports for kids and teens

Children and teens are less physically active today than ever, and the effects of their sedentary lifestyles can be seen in climbing obesity rates, type 2 diabetes and poor bone density among youth populations. To keep your child from becoming a negative statistic, you might encourage him or her to participate in a high school sports program. In addition to beneficial physical exercise, a sports program will offer a number of advantages for your child. 

Learning to be a team player

Athletics teach children how to be team players by having teammates work towards a common goal. Having children competing together when they are young will help your child work well with others when they are older. 

Increase in self-esteem

Sports programs encourage social interaction and a competitive spirit that will help your child feel more confident. Children who participate in sports programs through high school are also less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol.

Commitment to healthier lifestyle

Playing sports can set the foundation for an active lifestyle for years to come. This is important for your child’s future health, as physical activity is essential in the prevention of cancer, heart disease and cognitive decline. Another lasting benefit of sports is career possibilities, which tend to be much brighter for individuals who participated in sports programs.

At Great Lakes Center Youth Academy, you can find full season club teams, seasonal club teams, clinics, and camps to help your child develop his or her volleyball skills and stay active during the off-season. For more information about GLCYA, call 630-898-6400.

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