Beyond the spine: What is the scope of chiropractic care?

You may only associate chiropractic care with back pain and headaches, but chiropractic medicine addresses many more issues throughout the body. In many cases, chiropractic care can provide relief for conditions that have not been treated by conventional therapies such as medicine or even surgery. While chiropractic medicine should not serve as a substitute for your primary care, it can be a highly beneficial supplemental therapy to ease conditions like asthma, digestive discomfort, and pain in the extremities. Here is a closer look at how chiropractic care is able to provide such a wide range of benefits with seemingly small adjustments.

The spine’s connection to the body

Aside from allowing the body to stand upright and move freely, the spine’s most important function is housing the spinal cord. This is the center of the nervous system that carries electrical signals from the brain to the entire body. These signals tell the body to carry out voluntary and involuntary functions that are critical to life. When the spinal cord is impeded by subluxations in the spine, there may be symptoms throughout the body in addition to pain in the spine.

Wellness-focused treatment

While the primary target for chiropractic care is the spine, this branch of medicine actually goes much deeper into a patient’s health. Thorough diagnostic imaging takes place to pinpoint the source of problems, meaning that treatment does not merely target symptoms. Plus, a chiropractor may encourage you to change your diet and daily habits so that issues do not recur following treatment.

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