Celebrate your business’s milestone with a Ribbon Cutting event

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Photo Credit: jedhakuro via Compfight cc

Ribbon Cuttings aren’t just a way to celebrate a new location. These events can also celebrate milestones, from important anniversaries to renovations and remodeling. The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce offers Ribbon Cuttings as a way to celebrate your business and spread the good news to the community.

Among staff, supporters and the NACC Ribbon Cutting committee, you’ll cut the ceremonial red ribbon and give thanks to those that have helped you reach this point. 

You are free to make the event as large or as intimate as you choose. Many members choose to make this a special marketing opportunity, offering special giveaways and coupons to celebrate and welcome new customers.

For assistance with promoting your business or scheduling a Ribbon Cutting in the Naperville area, contact the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce by calling 630-355-4141. The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to provide support to business owners in the region.

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