Choosing a countertop edge that fits your kitchen design



When you are designing custom countertops, you will be faced with many important decisions. By focusing on each detail of your custom counters, you will create a beautiful kitchen surface that fits with your overall design scheme. Countertop edges are an important design detail that should not be overlooked. Here are some tips for choosing a kitchen countertop edge.

Beveled edges

Beveled edge counters will provide your kitchen with a unique and modern look. This type of countertop edge is distinguished by its flat corners that sit on an angle of 45 degrees. With its flat design, a beveled edge counter offers ease of maintenance for your daily life in the kitchen. In addition, beveled edges are safe for children in the home.

Bullnose edges

Bullnose edges are a versatile and attractive choice for your kitchen countertop edge. A bullnose edge can be identified by its soft, rounded shape. This countertop edge style will match a variety of kitchens. With its streamlined design, a bullnose edged counter is easy to clean and maintain.

Premium edges

If you are seeking a luxurious look for your kitchen counters, you may want to select a premium edge option. Premium countertop edge designs include the ogee and the triple waterfall. These edges are distinguished by their intricate shape and beautiful construction, and are a great choice for an elegantly designed kitchen.

To learn more about the countertop edges that are available for your kitchen, contact MGT Stone. The specialty stone experts at MGT Stone will be thrilled to help you select a new stone countertop that is perfectly suited for the style of your kitchen. Call their Barrington offices at 1-888-918-2114 to set up a consultation. 

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