Common household risks among the elderly

More seniors are opting to live more independently, which can provide greater freedom and higher quality of life through retirement. However, there are some household hazards that should be addressed in order to facilitate private, independent living for the elderly. Here is a look at the leading risks around the house for senior citizens.

Unsafe walkways

The aging process can weaken the muscles and joints, causing more difficulty while walking and navigating slippery areas such as the shower or bathroom floor. To make walkways safer and slip-resistant, you should remove any rugs or clutter that may cause you to trip and fall. Bathroom rails and shower seats can help reduce potential hazards when the floors are wet.

Prescription medications

Medication management may become a challenge due to poor organization or short-term memory problems. Sorting medications ahead of time and disposing of expired medication can help to prevent unintentional misuse or missed doses.

Fire hazards

Overloaded outlets and clutter can be fire hazards, so cleanliness and electrical safety are essential. There should be a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to manage any accidents that may arise while cooking. If you use a space heater, you should keep it in a well-ventilated area on a clear area of the floor. This will prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning from the heater. All rooms should be equipped with smoke detectors and frequently replaced batteries. 

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