Considering the collective benefits of sustainable landscaping



If you have not yet made an investment in sustainable landscaping solutions for your office building, storefront, or home you are missing out on several advantages that this type of landscaping can provide.

Many sustainable landscaping leaders like Jeff Sebert of Sebert Landscaping are already taking a green approach to all aspects of their business. Everything from Sebert Landscaping’s LEED Gold rated headquarters to their solar-powered equipment trailers is an extension of Jeff Sebert’s environmental commitment.

Businesses and individuals can both take advantage of the benefits of sustainable landscaping. Here is a look at what green landscaping can deliver to your home or corporate headquarters.

Long-term savings

While you may be paying for new features upfront, you will notice long-term financial benefits with a reduced need for maintenance. Plus, utility costs are driven down by the recycling of storm water, which can be reused in irrigation systems.

Reduced environmental impact

Using native plants and recycling water will help lower your business’s carbon footprint and will also help to improve local air quality. Native plants don’t require many changes to the natural landscape, so you can plant them with ease and expect them to continue growing season after season.

Better community health

The reduced need for pesticides in a sustainable landscape featuring local plants will contribute to the health of the community by keeping the water supply cleaner and reducing the chances of contaminating local soil. Rerouting storm water with your landscape is also highly valuable for community health in the Chicago area, because storm and sewer drains are connected. When flooding is reduced, there is not a risk for water contamination from residential floods.

Sebert Landscaping is on the forefront of sustainable landscaping with a stunning LEED certified headquarters showcasing the innovation of owner Jeff Sebert. To learn how Sebert Landscaping can help you create a new green image that makes a lasting difference, visit their website or call 630-497-1000.

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