Creative ways to grieve a lost family member

When you are planning memorial services for a loved one, those services should be anything but common. Plan an event that truly reflects the personality of the deceased. There are a number of ways that you might add more character to your loved one's funeral services. Read on to explore a few possible ideas.

Plan a personalized menu

Most funeral services are followed by a catered reception, so you might use this opportunity to showcase some of your lost loved one’s favorite foods. If your loved one was a cook, you could even prepare some of his or her favorite recipes to share with the guests of the service. Eating the foods that your loved one enjoyed is an excellent way to collectively celebrate his or her life.

Dress in your loved one’s favorite color

Traditional funeral attire is rather subdued, but you do not have to follow this tradition to show respect to the deceased. If your loved one had a bold personality, you might instruct guests of the service to dress in brighter hues reflecting your loved one’s favorite colors. You might also have shirts printed for the occasion that feature a favorite quote or picture of your loved one.

Create a memorial website

With a website dedicated to your loved one’s memory, you can have an ongoing forum for thoughts, quotes, videos and pictures posted by friends and family from around the world. This is a great way to involve individuals who may not be able to make it to the funeral services but still wish to pay their respects.

At Friedrich-Jones Funeral Home, you can find a wide range of funeral services, including multicultural ceremonies, to honor the wishes of your departed loved ones. To connect with a member of the Jones family, call 630-355-0213.

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