Dining out in style at Fiammé’s Wine Dinner



Fiammé is proud to showcase an excellent wine selection with bottles imported from Italy along with a variety of wines from the Pacific Northwest, South America and Napa Valley. While these wines are fantastically paired with Fiammé’s menu of Neapolitan favorites, there is no better way to savor Fiammé’s wine selection than attending their special wine dinner on January 28. This dinner will feature five mouthwatering courses, each paired with the perfect wine to enhance every flavor on the dish.

First course

A light salad will kick off the meal with a sweet but tangy mixture of red wine poached pears, sharp gorgonzola cheese and walnut brittle. Frisee and brown sugar balsamic vinaigrette complete this light, palate-warming course.

Second course

To follow the salad, diners will be presented with a trio of Bruschetta featuring wild mushrooms, root vegetables and artichokes over crisp fried polenta.

Third course

Sockeye salmon and wild rice pilaf open a world of wine pairing opportunities to showcase the brighter flavors of Haricot Verts green beans and lemon jicama slaw in the third course. 

Fourth course

The heartiest course of the evening is sun dried tomato pesto stuffed pork tenderloin, which is paired with the perfect winter vegetable combination of fingerling potatoes and grilled eggplant. Rosemary sage gravy tops the dish and provides an earthy aroma that will pair wonderfully with red wine. 

Fifth course

To finish on a sweet note without too much richness, dessert will be espresso mocha mousse, which is an airy and light way to top off this decadent meal. 

You can reserve your spot at Fiammé’s wine dinner by calling 630-470-9441. For exquisite everyday dining inspired by the restaurants of Naples, visit Fiammé for lunch or dinner any time in Naperville.

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