Experience the circus like never before at Raue Center

The typical idea of a circus includes a big top tent and many animal performers. However, the circus is a much different type of spectacle in eastern cultures, as you will see by attending New Shanghai Circus on March 14 at Raue Center For The Arts. This show is far from the usual circus, and it comes all the way from Shanghai where performers begin their acrobatic education from a very young age.

Celebrating a 2,500 year old art form

Contortion and strength challenges are nothing new to Chinese culture. These artistic feats of athletic prowess have been celebrated and performed for more than 2,500 years. Today they are shared on stages across the country for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Showcasing skills learned from the age of 9

Performers in the New Shanghai Circus begin studying acrobatics at the age of 9 or 10 after participating in gymnastics or dance classes that may begin at the age of 5. Some of the performers in the troupe are only 13 years old, and many are lifelong participants in the Circus, taking on roles as trainers, costume design, or stage direction.

Dazzling audiences with stunning feats

The types of skills practiced by Circus athletes push the limits of the human body and show audiences the visual beauty of contortion. In order to sharpen and perfect these skills, athletes must practice 3-4 hours each day.

New Shanghai Circus is coming to the Raue Center For The Arts as part of Mission Imagination, meaning it's a perfect show for families to attend. To purchase tickets today, visit Raue Center online or call 815-356-9212.

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