Experience the taste of authentic, homemade pasta

Photo Courtesy: Fiammé

Photo Courtesy: Fiammé

Pasta is a fixture on Italian menus, but few restaurants offer the authentic flavor of freshly made and hand-rolled noodles. At Fiammé in Naperville, you can capture the authenticity of Neapolitan cuisine including fresh pasta, which is often on special with an array of unique toppings and sauces. Read on for a look at what exactly makes homemade pasta so special and why you will not want to miss out when it is offered at Fiammé.

Homemade vs. dried pasta

The texture of homemade pasta is much different from dried noodles. While dried noodles are traditionally used in Italian cooking, they are not as special as soft and tender homemade noodles. Fresh pasta only requires one to two minutes of cooking time, because it is so soft and delicate. Homemade pasta is also much more labor-intensive, as it needs to be rolled out with hand-cranked pasta makers.

Stuffed noodles

Fresh ravioli and tortellini are particularly special types of fresh pasta with each noodle carefully filled with cheese, meat or vegetables. Flavored noodles are often chosen for stuffed pastas to create delectable combinations with the filling inside.

Sauces and mix-ins

Whether the pasta is filled or not, it should not be overwhelmed by hearty sauces and boldly-flavored ingredients. To enhance the delicacy of fresh pasta, dishes are typically made with only a few components that showcase freshness and pure flavors.

To enjoy fresh and authentic pasta, make dinner reservations at Fiammé in Naperville. You can connect with Fiammé online or by calling 630-470-9441. 

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