Gluten-free tips for dining out

Photo Courtesy: Fiammé

Photo Courtesy: Fiammé

If you have a gluten-free diet, you may feel like eating out is more of a chore than a leisurely activity. However, more restaurants across the country are beginning to offer alternatives for diners with dietary restrictions. Fiammé in Naperville serves delicious Neapolitan style pizza, with gluten-free dough and pastas on the menu. Here are some tips for avoiding gluten on your next lunch or dinner outing.

Always ask for 'gluten-free' preparation

Even if a menu item appears to be gluten-free, you should specify that you have a gluten intolerance so that hidden sources of gluten do not end up on your plate. Seasoning mixes, salad dressings and sauces may contain gluten without any obvious indicators, so always ask when you are uncertain.

Choose restaurants with gluten-free options

You can actually dine on pizza and pasta when you do not eat gluten; you just have to know where to look. Explore local restaurants with gluten-free options for these foods on the menu. These establishments typically have a better understanding of unique dietary restrictions, and they will be better able to accommodate your needs.

Avoid sharing items at the table

When you dine out with friends who do eat gluten, you should avoid sharing any menu items with them unless it is specified that these are to be prepared gluten-free too. Still, you might share a bite of what you have ordered to show your friends how delicious gluten-free can be.

At Fiammé in Naperville, gluten-free diners can find a haven for friendly pizza and pasta choices that capture the authentic spirit of Italy with imported ingredients and delectable cheeses. To explore a full menu and photo gallery, visit Fiammé online or call 630-470-9441. 

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