Great ways to transfer your old home movies

If your cherished memories are on tape in the form of VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, miniDV, microMV, or Betamax, you may be compromising the quality of these moving images simply by allowing them to suffer the effects of time. Videotape is an unreliable format for long-term preservation of your home movies, because it undergoes an inevitable degradation process that will alter the colors, audio, and detail of your tapes. To stop damage to your home movies and bring your memories into the digital age, consider these forms of tape transfer available at Memory Keepers.

Transfer of analog tapes

Analog tapes include VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi 8 and Betamax. These can be transferred onto a DVD with 100% preservation of the current tape quality. Up to 2 hours can be transferred to a DVD, which can then be played wherever you can play a DVD. You can also choose to have your tapes converted to digital video files, which can be transferred to your external hard drive or flash stick. Memory Keepers also has these items available for sale. Digital video files are the common choice of those wanting to do their own video editing and they also provide another great way to archive your tapes. The digital video files are compatible with all major video editing systems, including those that operate on Windows and those that operate on Mac (such as iMovie and Final Cut).

Transfer of digital tapes

Digital tapes like MiniDV, Digital 8 and microMV can also be transferred to a digital file or DVD. This format does have the advantage of playability in your living room from your DVD player, but digital files offer the flexibility of editing footage on a home computer. Gather up all your tapes and bring them to Memory Keepers, where they will walk you through the order process. 

For tape transfer from the professionals in Naperville, visit Memory Keepers today. You can connect with them online or by calling 630-717-0278. Memory Keepers has been serving Naperville, the greater Chicago area, and all 50 states since 2003.

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