Great wines to enjoy when it's cold outside

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Wine is a libation that can be savored in every season, but the flavor profile of your winter menus may be much different than the food you eat in the summer. Therefore, you might make some different wine selections than you would in the warmer months to match the heartier cuisine you are enjoying in the wintertime. Here is a look at some of the best wines to treat your palate this season. 

High acidity reds

Rich red sauces and spiced winter sausages both pair beautifully with a higher acidity red wine, which will not be overpowered by these strongly flavored foods. Sangiovese is a great Italian wine from the Tuscan region that has a more acidic character enjoyable on its own or in red blends often featured as table wines for dinner.

Full bodied wines

If you are indulging in roast beef, earthy mushrooms or salty prosciutto ham, you might find the best pairing with a full-bodied red wine such as Pinot Noir. Because Pinot Noir is a grape varietal that thrives in colder weather, vintages often peak in the winter season and pair wonderfully with the cuisine of the season. 

Warming white wines

You might not immediately associate chilled white wines with winter weather, but the right white wine can actually bring a winter meal to life. Riesling, which comes from the chilly climate of Germany, is a great winter choice that pairs well with roasted meats and hearty seasonal herbs like rosemary. Pinot Grigio can also cut through the richness of cream sauces and heavier foods that may be featured on winter menus. 

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