Healthy aging with the right meals from Two Mothers Foods

One of the most important things you can do for your body throughout the aging process is to maintain a healthy diet, but it becomes harder to prepare wholesome meals at home as you grow older—particularly if you are only cooking for one or two people. Two Mothers Foods can offer a deliciously healthy solution with meal packages including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks prepared with the finest fresh, organic ingredients suitable for almost any dietary needs.

Mediterranean cuisine

Meals for the elderly provided by Two Mothers Foods are inspired by the Moroccan and Mediterranean influence of head chef and owner Christy Kabbani. Mediterranean cuisine focuses highly on the use of healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, legumes and seeds and locally sourced foods. This type of diet has a number of important health benefits, including lower risk for heart disease, fewer complications resulting from diabetes and reduced rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Inside the Two Mothers kitchen

In addition to the considerable health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, foods from the Two Mothers kitchen offer nourishment from primarily vegetarian and vegan entrees prepared with a love and passion for healthy yet delectable foods. Plus, the Two Mothers kitchen operates with green practices to reduce waste and deliver nutritious food responsibly.

If you want to see the difference that a proper diet can make for your health as you get older, contact Two Mothers Foods for a two or three day meal package including tantalizingly fresh ingredients ready to enjoy. You can connect with Two Mothers Foods at their website or by calling 630-428-5878.

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